Clinician Spotlight

  • Beth Kinser Beth Kinser, P.T., DPT

    “I’m motivated by the opportunity to improve the quality of life for my patients. Countless patients enter physical therapy having suffered from chronic pain for years which has impacted them severely. I find it very rewarding to have played a role in improving their quality of life by implementing pain reducing exercises and utilizing manual therapy techniques. I am constantly striving to learn better ways of treating my patients so they regain function and return to their daily living activities.”

    Today’s edition of #MyMotivation is courtesy of Beth Kinser, P.T., DPT, center manager, from our Central Missouri community. Along with managing our Columbia, Columbia West, Fulton and Jefferson City centers, Beth has a strong interest in treating patients with orthopaedic injuries, specifically helping individuals who suffer from chronic pain by using manual therapy and functional exercises. Beth is looking to further her clinical education by pursing a certification in orthopaedic manual therapy.