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Select Medical Family

  • Select Medical, based in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, is a leading provider of specialized healthcare, encompassing four areas of expertise:

    Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals

    Our 108 specialty hospitals care for medically-complex and critically-ill patients. Occasionally, patients may require longer hospital stays. The unique medical needs of these types of patients require more intensive, attentive hospital care and rigorous therapy than a traditional hospital is typically able to provide. Long-term acute care hospitals, or LTACHs, are designed to care for critically ill patients.

    Outpatient Physical Rehabilitation

    We offer more than 1,600 outpatient rehabilitation centers conveniently located in 37 states and the District of Columbia. Our highly trained clinical teams provide preventative and rehabilitative care that maximizes functionality and promotes well-being in patients of all ages and abilities. Individualized treatment plans are developed to help achieve each patient's specific goals.

    Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals

    The 20 inpatient rehabilitation hospitals in Select Medical’s network provide comprehensive care and intensive treatment tailored to the needs of individuals with disabling injuries and illnesses. Our respected hospitals provide physical medicine and rehabilitation programs and services to individuals with brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, amputation, neurological diseases/conditions, musculoskeletal conditions and multiple trauma.

    Occupational Medicine / Business Solutions

    Through our on-the-job physical and occupational therapy services, we deliver treatment program that are designed to address the unique and individual needs of the injured to expedite restoration of function and the return-to-work process. We also offer a fleet of urgent care centers across the country.