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APTA Accredited Residency Programs

  • American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Accredited Residency Programs

    Post-professional clinical residency programs are one of the primary means of positioning physical therapists for the practice needs of the future. They consist of intensive yearlong training in an area of specialized clinical practice and are designed to significantly advance the physical therapist’s development. Graduates of our residency programs are able to go on to become board certified specialists and are well-equipped to meet the demands of advanced clinical practice. Through Select Medical’s Outpatient Division family of brands, we are proud to provide the following residency programs:

    Orthopaedic Residency

    This program, which was founded in Kentucky in 2009, has grown to include sites in New Jersey, Ohio, Texas and Missouri since it received accreditation from the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties. It is somewhat unique amongst multi-center Orthopaedic Residency programs in that the clinical instructors, who are all board certified specialists in orthopaedics, travel to work with the residents in the resident’s own clinic. Not only does this negate the need for travel on the part of the resident, but it also affords a better learning experience. The Orthopaedic Residency Program incorporates a blend of self-directed learning, online classes and live lab sessions. In addition, the program has more than 150 hours of clinical mentoring to produce a program that exceeds all APTA criteria for residency and ensures an outstanding learning opportunity.

    NovaCare Rehabilitation/University of Cincinnati (UC PT) Residency Program

    A prominent brand within the Select Medical Outpatient Division family, NovaCare Rehabilitation Residency Programs are affiliated with and open to all therapists who meet the specific residency criteria.

    The UC PT Residency Program was established in 2004 and received accreditation by the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education (ABPTRFE) in May 2008. Since the program’s inception, it has had residents come through from various parts of the country. The primary objective of the UC PT Residency Program is to provide an opportunity for therapists who focus on sports medicine with the ability to immerse themselves within a NCAA Division 1 program under the mentorship of recognized professionals. The resident attends practices and games, observes surgeries and interacts with the University of Cincinnati team physicians on a daily to weekly basis.

    Upon successful completion of the residency program, the resident will have completed all of the necessary requirements to sit for the Sports Clinical Specialist (SCS) examination. And, as part of this program, all residents are asked to complete sports medicine-focused research papers that in many cases are submitted for publication. The residents provide rehabilitation and event coverage to the entire sports medicine department, as well as physical therapy services to the general student population, the facility and the surrounding community.

    The program is open to licensed physical therapists. The applicant must be eligible for licensure in the state of Ohio and a graduate of an accredited physical therapy curriculum. A candidate must also possess one of the following certifications: ATC, EMT or have passed the Emergency Responder Certification course.

    Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation – Texas Woman’s University (BIR-TWU) Residency Programs in Women’s Health and Neurologic Physical Therapy

    A prominent brand within the Select Medical Outpatient Division family, the Baylor Institute Rehabilitation Outpatient Services Residency Programs are affiliated with and open to all therapists who meet the specific residency criteria.

    Through the relationship with our sister company, Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation’s Outpatient Services, we have the ability to provide residency programs in women’s health and neurologic physical therapy. The relationship with Texas Woman’s University (TWU) occurred due to TWU’s coursework that was geared toward women and women’s health. The residency team was able to take an existing curriculum and build upon it to create courses that would give didactic knowledge, as well as be immediately applicable in the clinic.

    Women's Health

    The residency in women’s health achieved accreditation in April 2011 and accepted the first two residents in June of that year. The residency is established to take two residents every year from June to June. The main objective of the residency in women’s health is to promote excellence in the lifespan of women’s health across the continuum of care. This is accomplished through excellent didactic courses, mentoring performed with patient care and various other learning opportunities. Residents will have exposure to the entire breadth of women’s health from chronic disease, obstetrics, pelvic floor dysfunction, disease prevention, oncology and men’s health. Residents also will be advocates for patients by speaking at various oncology and pelvic support groups and round with physicians. Through all of these unique experiences, along with a women’s health-tailored case load, the resident will be prepared to sit and pass the Women’s Health Certified Specialty exam and develop advanced clinical skills.

    Neurologic Physical Therapy

    The residency in neurologic physical therapy enrolled its inaugural class of two residents in June 2012. The first residents graduated in May 2013. We have applied and received accreditation through the ABPTRFE. The aim of the residency in neurologic physical therapy is to promote excellent care in the lifespan of persons with neurologic injury across the continuum of care. Being located at the downtown Baylor Health Care System campus in Dallas allows for experiences across the care continuum. Specifically, individuals with neurologic dysfunction experience care either after a traumatic incident or progression of a degenerative disease. The residency intentionally exposes the resident to the experience of the patient through rotations in acute neurotrauma, inpatient rehabilitation and outpatient therapy. These experiences will prepare the resident to sit for and pass the Neurologic Certified Specialty exam and develop advanced clinical skills.