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Bill Werner
Bill Werner

Select Physical Therapy's clinical team focuses on preventative and rehabilitative programs and services, while promoting well-being in patients of all ages and abilities. As part of the Select Medical Outpatient Division family of brands, our goal is to create a positive difference every day by providing clinical and service excellence to our patients, customers and each other. Experience the power of physical therapy today with Select Physical Therapy.

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  • Community Details
    McDevitt High School
    Proud provider of athletic training and physical therapy services to McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, PA.
    Trinity High School
    We are the proud provider of athletic training and physical therapy services to Trinity High School in Camp Hill, PA. Good luck, team!
    Harrisburg Academy
    We are the proud provider of athletic training and physical therapy services to Harrisburg Academy since 2013. Best of luck to the student-athletes!
    Carlisle High School Thundering Herd
    We are proud to supplement the athletic training staff at Carlisle High School. Good luck to all of the student athletes!
    Delone Catholic High School
    Select Physical Therapy is proud to be the provider of athletic training and physical therapy services to the Delone Catholic Squires. Good Luck to all the student athletes!
    Hanover High School
    Select Physical Therapy is the proud provider of athletic training and physical therapy services to the Hanover High School Nighthawks. Good Luck to all the student athletes!
    Littlestown High School
    We are the proud provider of athletic training and physical therapy services to the Littlestown Senior High School Thunderbolts. Good Luck to all the student athletes!
    Programs We Offer
    What is Manual Therapy?
    Manual Therapy is a collection of specialized techniques used by therapists to help muscles relax, decrease pain and restore normal movement to joints. These techniques, which include massage and stretching, are usually performed in conjunction with exercises and have been shown to be one of the most effective types of treatment available for various conditions. Our therapists decide which techniques are best suited for each patient after performing a thorough evaluation and discussing treatment goals.


    The Graston Technique is an innovative, patented form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization. Our clinicians completed the specialized training to allow us to provide this technique. The Graston Technique assists our clinicians in detecting and effectively treating soft-tissue fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

    Audiology and Hearing Services
    Located in the heart of Harrisburg at the Polyclinic Hospital, Select Audiology and Hearing provides diagnostic and rehabilitative services to individuals with communication and hearing disorders. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, we provide audiology and hearing therapy services for infant, pediatric, adult and geriatric patients. We use a multidisciplinary approach to develop a comprehensive treatment and assessment program for your auditory problems. When necessary, referrals are made for medical, psychological and educational services as part of your care.
    Foot and Ankle Therapy

    Our physical therapists are trained to treat lower extremity dysfunction, including foot and ankle injuries. Our therapists examine the lower extremity kinetic chain to determine how foot dysfunction can be reflected up the leg to cause knee, hip or back problems.

    Computerized gait analysis: Measure differences in the way your foot strikes the ground when you walk or run. Your therapist can teach the fundamentals of the correct walking pattern.

    Video analysis of runners: Can provide a visual assessment of biomechanical problems in running form.

    Physical therapy treatments: May include stretching and strengthening the muscles and tissues that support your body. A physical therapist will perform an initial evaluation and then develop a treatment plan customized for your specific injury.

    Orthotics: Computer aided assessment of orthotic function. Adjustments and recommendations can be made.

    Diabetic problems: Computerized evaluation of diabetic orthotics and shoes to solve pressure ulcer problems.

    Metabolic Rehabilitation

    What is Metabolic Rehabilitation?

    Metabolic Rehabilitation is a physician ordered and monitored program that provides individuals with a scientifically proven alternative to weight management. Supervised by a licensed physical therapist, this specialized program helps educate individuals on specifics of nutrition and exercise to give our patients the knowledge and support necessary for permanent lifestyle changes to keep the weight off.

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  • Services & Offerings
    Our highly-respected clinical team provides preventative and rehabilitative services that maximize functionality and promote well-being.  We develop individualized treatment plans to help achieve each patient's specific goals.  Our commitment to customer satisfaction is demonstrated by our high-quality clinical care, positive interaction with patients, complete and timely communication to physicians and case managers, patient education programs, convenient locations and prompt appointment availability.  We offer the following programs and services:
    • Physical Therapy
    • Athletic Training Services
    • Hand Therapy
    • Isokinetics
    • Low Back Rehabilitation
    • Neurological Rehabilitation
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Osteoporosis
    • Sports Performance
    WorkStrategies® Program

    Today, America's employers are very much at risk - paying nearly one billion dollars per week in workers' compensation costs.  Through the WorkStrategies® Program, our main objectives are to: reduce the frequency and severity of injuries; achieve higher levels of employee functionality; and reduce the employer's TOTAL workers' compensation costs and lost work time.

    We partner with employers, case managers, claim managers, TPAs, and insurance companies to provide innovative an cost-effective SOLUTIONS for the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries.

    The WorkStrategies® Program offers the following services:

    • Acute (Work-site) Physical & Occupational Therapy
    • Care Management Office
    • Functional Capacity Evaluations
    • Injury Prevention & Ergonomics
    • Post-Offer Employment Testing
    • Work Hardening and Work Conditioning
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