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Christopher Torres
Christopher Torres

Welcome to the Charlotte, North Carolina community. We are pleased to offer more than 17 locations to make it more convenient for our patients to receive the therapy they need. We strive to enhance the quality of our patients' lives by providing clinical excellence with first-class customer service. Our team is committed to providing exceptional experiences, including respect and professionalism, in a compassionate environment with positive outcomes. Every treatment plan is individualized and designed to get you back to activity, work and life!

Experience the power of physical therapy today with Select Physical Therapy.

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  • Community Details
    Community Involvement
    Charlotte-University Center promoting services at local Orange Theory

    Select Physical Therapy's Charlotte-University team promoted services at their local Orange Theory location. Kelsey Hight, P.T., DPT, CMPT, and Sarah Golden, PTA, offered information on dry needling, vestibular therapy, sports rehabilitation and education on direct access options for patients.

    Univ_Orange Theory

    Pediatric Physical Therapy at The Arthritis Foundation

    Select Physical Therapy's pediatric therapist, Jill Owen, P.T., DPT, presented at the 2019 Juvenile Arthritis Day event hosted by The Arthritis Foundation in Sherrills Ford, NC. JA Days are a great experience for children with juvenile arthritis, (JA), their parents, caregivers and siblings to meet and network with other families who are affected by JA. Jill offered families valuable information on the benefits of pediatric physical therapy for children with JA, and what they can expect with treatment.

    JA Day Presenting The Arthritis Foundation Logo

    Professional Recognition
    Chad Wilson, MOTR / L

    We are excited to welcome occupational and hand therapist Chad Wilson to our team at Charlotte - University! Chad is an energetic and personable clinician who truly enjoys getting to know his patients and building a strong rapport. 

    Chad is originally from Ohio, and has lived in the Greater Charlotte area since 2016 with his wife and five children. He has spent his career practicing in various places throughout the U.S., and has more than 20 years of clinical experience treating patients with hand and upper extremity conditions. He welcomes patients with challenging and comprehensive cases, and prefers to utilize a hands-on approach regarding treatment. 

    Chad is dedicated to staying current with the latest treatment strategies to promote the best outcomes for his patients, and is working towards earning his hand therapy certification. Welcome to the team, Chad!

    Chad Wilson Photo

    Jill Owen, P.T., DPT

    We are very excited to now offer pediatric physical therapy and welcome Jill Owen, P.T., DPT, to the team at Charlotte - Randolph Road. Jill comes to us with four years of experience specializing in pediatrics from birth to 21. She has had clinical success in treating pediatric patients with low tone, Down Syndrome, gross motor delay, cerebral palsy, Spina Bifida, spasticity, making recommendations for orthotics, torticollis and plagiocephaly, scoliosis, joint pain, developmental coordinator disorder, balance deficits and vestibular related ailments.

    Jill is treating patients at our Charlotte location at 2826 Randolph Road, and appointments are available within 48 hours. Please call 704-366-5521 for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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    Programs We Offer
    Concussion Management Program
    Throughout the United States, it is estimated that nearly four million concussions occur each year. Select Physical Therapy's comprehensive concussion management programoffers specially trained experts who provide individualized concussion evaluations and rehabilitation programs for adults.  Statistics show that as concussion symptoms begin to decrease, physical therapy has been proven to help recover balance, gaze stability, focus, gait, and mood.
    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling (DN), also known as intramuscular trigger point dry needling, is a procedure in which filiform needles are used to deactivate myofascial trigger points. It is NOT acupuncture.

    Dry Needling

    What type of Conditions Can Be Treated With Dry Needling?

    Dry needling can be used to treat low back and neck pain (including radiculopathy), shoulder and arm pain (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, impingement), hip and leg pain (sciatica, muscle strains, calf tightness/spasm), foot pain (ankle sprain, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis), headache, face and jaw pain (TMJ) and fibromyalgia.

    Call a location today for more information!

    Vestibular Rehabilitation

    Many people experience issues with balance at some point in their lives and are often surprised to learn that the source of the imbalance may be the inner ears. Even more surprising is the majority of imbalance conditions can be helped through vestibular rehabilitation. The goal of treatment is to minimize dizziness, improve balance, and prevent falls by restoring normal function of the vestibular system.

    Many of our locations have clinicians who have specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of vestibular dysfunction. We will develop an individualized treatment plan that includes exercises to strengthen posture, gait and components of the balance system, such as eyes, ears and legs. During the treatment process, a home exercise program may be designed and implemented specific to the tolerance, physical condition, and diagnosis of each patient.  Approximately 90 percent of patients show levels of improvement from vestibular rehabilitation.

  • Services & Offerings
    WorkStrategies® Program

    Today, America's employers are very much at risk - paying nearly one billion dollars per week in workers' compensation costs.  Through the WorkStrategies® Program, our main objectives are to: reduce the frequency and severity of injuries; achieve higher levels of employee functionality; and reduce the employer's TOTAL workers' compensation costs and lost work time.

    We partner with employers, case managers, claim managers, TPAs, and insurance companies to provide innovative an cost-effective SOLUTIONS for the prevention and treatment of work-related injuries.

    The WorkStrategies® Program offers the following services:

    • Acute (Work-site) Physical & Occupational Therapy
    • Care Management Office
    • Functional Capacity Evaluations
    • Injury Prevention & Ergonomics
    • Post-Offer Employment Testing
    • Work Hardening and Work Conditioning
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