Clinician Spotlight

  • Tara Bast Tara Bast, DPT

    “I’m motivated as I watch and listen to what my patients are able to achieve on a daily and weekly basis as they work through their physical therapy programs. Whether it’s walking around the zoo with their children, playing in a weekend sports tournament or cooking a large meal for family and friends, I believe each small accomplishment should be celebrated as a milestone on the road to recovery. Those milestones are why I became a physical therapist; to help people return to what they love doing and to be inspired by their success stories.”

    This edition of #MyMotivation is courtesy of Tara Bast, DPT, clinical supervisor from our Ashburn, VA location. Practicing physical therapy since 2014, Tara is experienced in neurologic and orthopaedic rehabilitation and enjoys working with a diverse patient population. Tara has a passion for dance therapy and takes pride in helping performing artists return to their passion.