Success Stories

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    Mechanicsburg, PA

    "I am a Sergeant with the police department. I have been a police officer for 15 years. I value my job and enjoy being a police officer. I suffered a work-related injury during an ice/snow storm in late 2013. I slipped on the ice and injured my back. I never injured my back before and it made me quite concerned. I wanted nothing more than to be back to work. I was sent to Select Physical Therapy in Mechanicsburg, PA. I was not happy about going to physical therapy and I was quite skeptical. I was in pain and felt that I should be at home getting better. I decided, however, to stay positive and give it my all. At my first appointment at Select, the therapist was very thorough. Their professionalism and confidence gave me a glimmer of hope with this whole "PT thing." They are truly gifted at what they do. They are supportive, have a great knowledge of what they are doing and are able to balance their patients as if they are the only person in the room. Lastly, I am a success story. I was the guy who did not have any confidence in physical therapy. Here I am, back to work with no restrictions inside of five weeks. I will miss my trips to Select PT. Thank you so much."