Success Stories

  • Shearann


    Lakewood, CO

    After being diagnosed with extreme arthritis in my hips in February of this year, I had my right hip replaced and began physical therapy soon afterward at your South Lakewood center. With the excellent guidance of Blanda Okamoto, MSPT, center manager, and her team, I found myself stronger both mentally and physically!

    Thanks to your team, I was able to complete the Dirty Girl Mud Run, a 3.1 mile run with 14 obstacles, with my granddaughter. While I was a little sore after the run, I was able to complete almost all of the obstacles and will have a memory that will last throughout eternity!

    I am proof and proud believer that physical therapy is essential to a complete recovery and return of my mobility. I had my left hip replaced a few weeks ago and have resumed physical therapy at Lakewood.