Success Stories

  • Shelly


    Phoenix, AZ

    After I injured my ACL and MCL while playing racquetball, I was referred to Select Physical Therapy in Phoenix by my orthopaedic surgeon. I worked regularly with Richard Shively, P.T., DPT, and while I think he was a little surprised this was the first physical therapy experience for a middle-aged woman, I found him to be very knowledgeable and he explained in great detail what my rehabilitation would entail. When I was discouraged, he would always listen and was quick to offer positive reinforcement.

    When I was younger, I used to hike occasionally and I had a dream of one day hiking the Grand Canyon. I had given up on this idea, but when I shared it with Rich, he jumped on board and encouraged me to chase this dream. While this might seem trivial to most, it has given me a goal to work on and kept me focused on getting my knee better.

    My physical therapy ended in early December and I’m now back at the gym working out several times a week and have a goal of achieving my Grand Canyon dream. Thank you to Rich and the entire team for providing me with an awesome physical therapy experience.