Success Stories

  • Sarah


    Lakeland, FL

    It’s hard to comprehend the tremendous difference I feel in my shoulder following physical therapy at the Lakeland center. Every appointment was with a team of staff members who created a positive and encouraging environment. Even individuals who weren’t working with me were always checking my progress and asking how I was feeling. I can imagine that your work gets tiresome, monotonous or frustrating, but those types of feelings were never projected to me during my time with your team. I have so much respect and appreciation for what you do!

    Then there is Jen Francis, P.T., DPT, COMT. Having traveled to Colorado to see a doctor who specialized in this type of surgery, I was very mistrusting and guarded following my return to Florida. Truthfully, I didn’t want anyone to touch me except for the medical and physical therapy team that specialized in this type of injury. However, Jen proved to not only be knowledgeable and understanding of what was needed for my therapy, but exactly who I needed! Her fun and positive attitude made my treatment sessions much more bearable.

    Your team made a world of difference to my strength, range of motion and comfort. I can’t thank the Lakeland team enough for all that you’ve done for me and all that you do for the local community!