Success Stories

  • Lynda


    Peoria, AZ

    While everyone looks forward to turning Sweet 16, a car accident that I suffered on my birthday left me with a number of injuries and an extensive stay in the hospital. I felt like I was dealt the Dead Man’s hand, black aces and eights, as I was read my last rights. Unexpectedly I pulled through, but continued to deal with the effects of this accident long after that fateful night.

    A few months ago, my physician informed me that my hip prosthesis was beginning to show signs of wearing out. Rather than undergo another total hip replacement surgery, I started intensive physical therapy at your Peoria location. What a huge difference they made compared to the other physical therapy organizations I worked with previously! To my surprise and delight, I noticed progress and improvement almost immediately. In addition, my strength and balance have improved significantly since I started working with your team.

    Words can’t sufficiently express how happy I am with my treatment. The staff not only provides professional and exceptional treatment, but they’re attentive, resourceful, considerate, kind and thoughtful. I would recommend this team to anyone needing physical therapy a thousand times over any other place! I’d say I went from being dealt the Dead Man’s hand years ago to finally hitting a royal flush when I found Select Physical Therapy!