NovaCare Orthotics

  • Orthotic

    You may have recently been prescribed an orthosis by your physician. At NovaCare Prosthetics & Orthotics, our orthotists will fit you for the appropriate orthoses and educate you on its proper care and use.

    Orthotic materials continue to evolve as technology integrates into orthotics. We provide traditional and progressive orthotic management using the latest advances in products.

    Upper extremity – You depend on your hands and arms for daily activities and self-care. We offer options to help treat many conditions, including carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, arthritis, nerve injuries and surgical repair. We work with you to find the most appropriate device for your needs. Our upper extremity orthotics include:

    • Finger Orthosis
    • Wrist/Hand Orthosis
    • Elbow Orthosis
    • Shoulder Orthosis

    Lower extremity – We utilize stance control technology, WalkAid, carbon fiber and other low profile designs. Our lower extremity orthotics include:

    • Ankle/Foot Orthosis
    • Knee Orthosis
    • Hip Orthosis

    Spinal – Our certified orthotists have specialized training in spinal bracing, spinal injuries and scoliosis. Most braces can be fabricated in as little as two days. Our spinal orthotics include:

    • Sacral Orthosis
    • Lumbar Orthosis
    • Scoliosis Orthosis
    • Cervical Orthosis

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