Five Things a Physical Therapist Can Do for You

2018 National Physical Therapy Month Logo

Posted on 10/24/2018 by NovaCare Rehabilitation and Select Physical Therapy

Every October, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) hosts National Physical Therapy Month to recognize how physical therapists and physical therapist assistants help restore and improve motion in people's lives.

This October, the APTA’s focus is once again on the risks of opioid use and how physical therapy is a safe alternative for managing pain.

The APTA wants you to #ChoosePT… and so do we.

According to a recent study, researchers found that patients who started physical therapy within three days of receiving an acute low back pain diagnosis were less likely to use advanced imaging, specialist care and opioids than those who started physical therapy later.1

In another study, physical therapy as a first treatment strategy resulted in 72 percent fewer costs for the patient within the first year. Patients were less likely to receive surgery and injections, and they made fewer specialists and emergency department visits within a year of primary consultation.2

Even before seeing your doctor, you can determine your need for physical therapy and choose which physical therapist you want to help manage your care. It's an important point that many patients who go on to receive successful physical therapy treatment don't know.

Whether you have neck pain from sleeping badly, lower back pain from gardening, an ankle sprain or tennis elbow, our team of experts can create a plan of care specific to you and your rehabilitation goals.

To give you an idea of the importance and value of physical therapists, we've put together a list of how we can help.

Five Ways We Can Help Assess Your Pain Management

  1. Physical therapists are trained diagnosticians. Seeing a physical therapist before you see a doctor, get an X-ray or start medication is a great way to get a jump-start on an injury or condition. You do not need a physician’s referral to start physical therapy with our clinical experts... visit or call today.
  2. Physical therapists can help with a cardiovascular program and improve your sport performance. Wish you were a runner but get out of breath on the way to the mailbox? Want to take your game to the next level on the field? Start now with a physical therapist and/or athletic trainer!
  3. Physical therapists treat balance disorders. If you or a family member has had issues with falling and/or dizziness, make sure it isn’t something more complex. A balance test with a physical therapist is a great way to put aside fears, improve strength and coordination and lessen symptoms.
  4. Physical therapists treat neck pain and headaches, too. We can isolate the tightness in cervical muscles and figure out what may be causing tension headaches. By getting to the root cause of headaches, physical therapists can often stop them before they start.
  5. Physical therapists can survey your jobsite. Wonder if your desk and chair is the right height? Is the floor hurting your feet from standing all day? Talk to your employer about onsite ergonomic evaluations and then talk to us. Physical therapists can evaluate your worksite and make recommendations that will reduce pain and the chance of injury.

Our licensed physical therapists will work directly with you to get you on the road to recovery. Contact a center near you today to request a complimentary consultation and experience the power of physical therapy.