Our Clinical Expertise and Outcomes

The important partnership between the referring physician and treating therapist

At Select Physical Therapy, we are devoted to improving function and quality of life for our patients. We are confident in the quality of the care we provide, and our patients validate this on a regular basis through our net promoter scores, online reviews and many positive and inspiring success stories. We measure our patients’ satisfaction with the care we provide, as well as their therapists’ knowledge, professionalism and courtesy, among many other key factors. In addition, we receive similar feedback from our patients regarding our front desk staff as we believe they play an integral role in the patient experience, too.

As a highly-trained physician, in an era of providing value-based care, you may have keen interest in highlights from our recent patient satisfaction survey results

Our patient surveys show we provide value-based care


of respondents said their therapist was caring, compassionate and encouraging


rated their therapist as experienced, knowledgeable and skilled


said their therapist had a genuine interest in them as a person

In addition, we measure patient-reported functional outcomes and have a team dedicated to ensuring the highest quality clinical care. Our clinical services, education and outcomes teams partner to provide our clinicians with the most up-to-date information and training regarding rehabilitation interventions, evidence-informed practice and researched-based techniques.

Our clinical outcomes team works diligently to provide pertinent clinical data to our therapists across the country that can be used to assess a patient’s specific needs based on a condition and diagnosis. With this information, our therapists develop a care plan that, in partnership with the patient and their goals, can help them heal and get back to life safely and efficiently.

Throughout the patient’s care plan, we can partner with you to share appropriate and pertinent outcomes as referenced above. This means that you’re consistently aware of your patient’s progress, can track outcomes and determine if a treatment plan requires adjustments based on performance and feedback.

Highlights of our current data:

  • More than 13 million patient-reported outcomes survey
  • Patient’s feedback during care to measure how they’re improving, as well as ensure each patient is receiving an exceptional clinical experience
  • 98% of our patients reported that their treating therapist was not only caring, compassionate and encouraging, but experienced, knowledgeable and skilled

For more information or if you are interested in our team developing a report regarding your patients outcomes, please email us at [email protected]. Within the email, please share your location and the information you’re interested in receiving and we will have the appropriate team member connect with you.

Why partner with us?

We have the same overall goals: obtaining outcomes and delivering exceptional patient experiences. In addition, we have sophisticated platforms to effectively partner with you and share data. Experience our compassionate approach and let us — in partnership with you — help your patients heal and get back to work, athletics and daily life.

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