Specialty Services

Specialized therapy services focused on your healing

Select Physical Therapy offers specialized services based on a patient’s condition or diagnosis. These services are provided by clinical team members who have a passion for specific treatments, received specialized training and an extended education. We offer industry-leading and evidence-informed programs and services to help you heal and reach your individual goals.

Hands-on therapy or manual therapy techniques, like cupping, dry needling and instrument-assisted soft tissue mobility, are used to help decrease pain and increase mobility for patients

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Our team of physical and occupational therapists will partner with you, in partnership, to develop a care plan geared to your specific diagnosis and overall goals. Your plan may include one of our many specialized services:

Why choose services at Select Physical Therapy?

Every patient responds differently to treatment. Our team is committed to identifying the right therapist and care plan for your diagnosis and overall goals.

If you or your therapist feel you need adjustments to your therapy during care, we will discuss these changes with you every step of the way. We are committed to partnering with you throughout your healing journey. Our therapists are also dedicated to listening to your goals, communicating how your care is going and sharing ongoing education to ensure we provide you with the most advanced treatment. Our mission is to make sure we help you achieve the best outcome and get you back to life.

Learn How Specialty Services Can Help You