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Larry is a former marathoner, triathlete and race director for the Honolulu Marathon. Due to a condition called multiple system atrophy - cerebellar subtype, or MSA-C, a rare degenerative condition that progressively impairs a person’s walking and balance, Larry was unable to run and desperately missed the excitement of the start line.

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Fighting cancer took on a different meaning for Jesse King during his senior year at Penn State University. The outgoing club volleyball player became a THON chair, ready to carry on his mom’s legacy of being a THON dancer. But just before he could participate in the event, which raises money and awareness for the fight against childhood cancer, his world turned upside down.

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Raquelle began taking opioids after a tractor-trailer rear-ended her car, causing back pain. And like so many others, she became addicted to the medication that was supposed to help.

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When Grand View University (GVU) football player Avery Gates tore his ACL, he thought his football days were over. As an active person, Avery felt discouraged at the thought of the road ahead with recovery from surgery.

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Dave Glastetter was a patient at our Select Physical Therapy center in Cape Girardeau, MO. On Sept. 3, 2021, while at work Dave’s legs were run over by a lull, which is a combination of a forklift and tractor. He was immediately airlifted to Barnes Jewish Hospital with bilateral femur fractures, fractured pelvic bones and two fractures in his left foot. After six days, Dave was taken to St. Louis Rehabilitation Institute where he stayed for two weeks. Upon discharge on Sept. 24, 2021, he was in a wheelchair and unable to move his legs.

Dave enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking. He likes to stay active by taking care of his land and builds houses for a living, so life was greatly disrupted by his injury. Dave was immobilized and needed help with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing and cooking.

Eventually, Dave began physical therapy and worked with our Jake Pattengill, multi-site manager and physical therapist, and Garrett Alsup, physical therapy assistant.

“Jake and Garrett were instrumental in devising a physical therapy regime that would help me regain mobility and return to my life,” said Dave. “From the beginning, Jake would say ‘Glastetter, I’m not releasing you until we get you back walking and you’re able to do the things you love.'”

Dave has been down a long road over the past year, but seen immense improvement after physical therapy. “Every day I had physical therapy, it gave me hope and confidence that I would walk again and regain my life back,” said Dave. “I’ve always been the person that helped everyone else and it was so uncomfortable to be the person that needed help. Jake and Garrett helped me get back on my feet.”

As his road to recovery continues, Dave is now back on his feet, working construction and taking care of his outdoor chores. “Just being able to get back to my life has meant everything to me,” said Dave. Knowing he still has areas to improve upon, Dave is seeing improvement in his mobility every day.

“I can’t say enough about the Select Physical Therapy team,” said Dave. “From day one, they were working with me toward my end goal of regaining mobility and returning to my daily tasks."


“There are several reasons I sought out physical therapy after having COVID-19. I had done some physical therapy while in the hospital, and it was due to that that I was able to learn to walk again. Also, it was recommended to me by just about every doctor and nurse I interacted with. I left the hospital with bad neuropathy, pain in my shoulder, a severely deconditioned and weak left arm and chronic fatigue. Select Physical Therapy offered a new program for COVID-19 recovery, and that was the final push I needed to get started.

“Given that I had a life-threatening case of COVID-19, my road to recovery will be long. But in the last week or two especially, I have started to notice absolute changes. I have more energy and feel more focused. I am doing the exercises provided to me by my physical therapist each day and I believe that it is helping me in many ways. I still have pain and limitations in my shoulder and on my left side, but I believe that will come in time and improve with patience.”

Those were the sentiments of Phillip, a current patient receiving treatment through our Recovery and Reconditioning Program with Virginia Fung, P.T., DPT, OCS, COMT, center manager, at Select Physical Therapy in San Francisco, California. Phillip’s story was recently highlighted in Business Insider and can be read by clicking here. We're so proud of the strides he has made thus far and are honored to help him along his road to recovery.


“My occupational therapist helped strengthen my wrist and create mobility that wasn’t present after my accident. The treatment helped me return to the activity I really enjoy, BMX."

Those short, but sweet sentiments were courtesy of Coltin, a former patient of ours, in regards to the treatment he received from Cheryl Zwerenz, OTR/L, CHT, COMT, at our Blue Springs, MO location. Following surgery to repair a distal radius fracture, Cheryl created a customized treatment plan focusing on range of motion, strengthening, movement and balance exercises for his wrist and elbow and general conditioning. We’re happy to report that thanks to the power of occupational therapy, Coltin has successfully returned to his favorite activity.


“I am one of many Army veterans who was exposed to Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Nearly forty years after my discharge I was officially diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. While Veterans Affairs has provided excellent medical care, I was referred to Select Physical Therapy for additional help with my balance and gait.

I feel extremely fortunate to have worked with Margarita, physical therapist, at your Winter Haven, FL location. I found the LSVT BIG program to be exceptional as my confidence in both my physical and mental abilities have increased well beyond my expectations. Thanks to this program, my journey with Parkinson’s will be more manageable. I’m looking forward to attending the focus group and continuing the therapy program at home. I’ll forever be indebted to Margarita and Select Physical Therapy for my improved quality of life!”


“Select Physical Therapy has played a big role in ensuring I’m healthy and in top form for the World Cup. I’m so excited to be representing my country on the world stage and so grateful for Kenny, Lindsey and everyone at Select Physical Therapy!”

Samantha Mewis is a midfielder for both the United States Women's national soccer team and the North Carolina Courage. For several months, she worked with our therapy team in Garner, NC following a knee and a few overuse injuries. The clinical team created a customized treatment program focused on improving Samantha’s strength, stamina and activity tolerance to ensure a safe return to the field.


“Over the years, I have worked with Karen, an occupational therapist, and your Homestead Village team on a number of occasions. Karen has an immense passion for her work and patients. Her expertise is second-to-none and the way she explains the treatment is very easy to understand. There has been a trust and bond built between us and I never question anything she tells me.

During the beginning of my latest round of treatment, I was progressing as I hoped, but there was still some discomfort. Karen suggested that I try cupping as she felt it would make a huge difference in how I was feeling. My shoulder began to feel looser, stronger and the discomfort slowly subsided. I truly believe that cupping was the extra push I needed to get my shoulder back to normal.

I would recommend Select Physical Therapy to anyone. Above all else they have created an environment that feels like family and I believe they strive to make all of their patients feel like that.”

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